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Enterprise spirit:◆ Self-improvement and endeavor ◆ Industrial Innovation ◆ Humble self-checking ◆ Share weal and woe ◆ Strive for top 
Operation principle:◆ Everyone is talented,not race horses ◆ Effective management system ◆ The purpose of thorough service for products 
◆ Race to industrial giants on technology, management and service, producing top quality products for global customers. 
Enterprise target:For science and technology, business, service industry giants, manufacturing top products for global customers! 
Core of Enterprise culture:Effective management + relative talent + thorough service = top product
A、Effective management
1、Management should be scientific, innovative, and practical;
2、The final validation criteria of management is to be effective.
B、Relative talents
1、Not race horses -- talent relativity;
2、learning and knowledgeable talents- relative IT master;
3、Atomic talents of relative molecular motion - relative enterprises
C、Thorough service
1、Service should be close to the idea;
2、The ultimate standard of service is to be completely。
D、Top product
1、Professional technology is to be superior to similar products;
2、All the software for the product service is to be top top level.
Why use aluminum profile?
  Compared with the traditional mechanical manufacturing materials such as carbon steel and stainless steel, the use of high strength industrial aluminum extrusion profiles has the following advantages:
1.Production process is simple:
   Cutting, drilling and assembly can be done only based on design for aluminum profile, but for traditional materials, it need design, cutting/drilling, welding, sandblasting / surface treatment, surface spraying, such as complex process.  
2.Materials can be reused:
   All components can be disassembled conveniently because there are no heat welding during assembly. All materials and accessories can be used repeatedly. But traditional material are rarely reused due to cutting deformation and high disassembling cost. 
3.Save time:
   Using aluminum profile can save a lot of working time, especially on reworking caused by mistake which is several times than using traditional material. 
4.High accuracy:
   The material won’t be out of shape because there is no any heat welding during process. That makes assembly precision high enough. However for tradition material, deformation can’t be avoided due to heat welding, so the precision must be affected.  
5.Gorgeous appearance:
   Equipment made by aluminum profile looks more modern. Anodized surface is more strong and stable than current coating method.